Time for glory

Louder, more colorful, more playable, more spectacular than Reshoot – this is RESHOOT R! This 2D side-scrolling shooter developed exclusively for classic Amiga systems brings classic R-Type action to the Amiga. Courageous heroes and heroines steer their sleek spaceship through beautiful scenarios while frantically blasting away at multi-coloured enemy hordes reducing them to bits and pieces! 


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New shmup for Amiga in 2019!

The five thematically completely different worlds are bulging with a variety of different challenges and crowned with dramatic boss fights. There is much to discover: extra weapons, power-ups, score-multipliers – that’s how you are guaranteed enough fun to last for ages and ages. Overall, RESHOOT R is all about survival in order to achieve the highest score. Highscores are stored locally, though as an alternative you can compare your score with other space fighters which is possible via a global highscore table.

The animations reach a level seldom seen on the Amiga. Hundreds of colours, smooth 50 Hz parallax scrolling, silky smooth animations paired with explosive sounds and music that drives the game forward making RESHOOT R the most exciting Shoot’em-Up on the Amiga today. RESHOOT R makes extensive use of the AGA chipset and uses the high powered features of an Amiga 1200, 4000 or CD32 to take them right up to their limits. Further system extensions and add-ons are, as a result, unnecessary. One download version and two other game versions on CD-ROM are available.


Communitys opinion

„I love it. A masterpiece!“
Jean Bolla? on YouTube.com

„The Shoot’em-Up on the Amiga in Real Arcade Quality“
Nik DK

„Fantastic, like Pulstar on the Neo Geo Console.“

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  • Developed exclusively for Amiga CD32, 1200 and 4000
  • Handcrafted to your Amigas AGA-hardware
  • Autofire option, highscore-save to NV-RAM (lowlevel.library needed on Amiga 1200/4000)
  • Multiple layers of organic fogeffects and smooth parallax scrolling
  • More than 400 colors onscreen at once
  • Steady 50 Hertz framerate for smooth gameplay experience
  • High quality soundtrack and FX simultaneously
  • Autofire, highscore-save on CD32 NVRAM  (also on Amiga 1200/4000 with nonvolatile.library from OS 3.1)
  • Runs on basic A1200, A4000 and CD32 hardware, no expansions needed
  • Tested on 68020, 68030, 68040 and 68060-cpu

System requirements

  • Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 oder CD32
  • Joystick or CD32-compatible controller
  • 2 MB Fast-RAM or more recommend
  • Also runs on compatible Amiga-emulator (Windows, Mac, Linux and more)

A game by

spieleschreiber | Richard Löwenstein
Production, project lead, design & coding

Kevin Saunders

Martin Ahman
Music and FX


Available now: Soundtrack on Audio-CD


Available soon: Classic Edition (Game on 3.5" Floppy Disks ready for install on Harddrive, Printed Manual)


Available soon: Standalone Edition (digital Downloadable Adaption for Windows and Mac, based on FS UAE-Emulator and AROS OS)



After three years in the making, RESHOOT R is in production. The Release is scheduled for 31 May 2019

RESHOOT R Soundtrack on Audio-CD available now

After a lot of hard work the audio CD with the ReshootR Soundtrack is finally here! All original pieces from the game by Altraz and d4XX are included. In addition there are powerful remixes by AMIworx, German Remix Group, GAS! and Booze & Gamble. All in all there...


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